Hello & thank you, we are

WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads!

We may be new to you but you are not new to us.  You are the Heartbeat of Hampton Roads and we love you! So, Tidewater, Hampton Roads, Southeast VA and Coastal VA!  It’s time that we stake claim to our position and in the creation of the United States of America!  It is the WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads mission to exalt the 757 to its rightful place in history, culture, national relevance and education.  In truth it is the Heart Beats of our community that we are known for worldwide!

There is one thing that we intend to improve; UNITY among the 757 cities! With total 7 city unification we would instantly be a national force to be mentioned in every conversation.  It’s time we exclaim, that without the history of the “1st” colony of the Americas, the underground waterways of Tidewater and the richness and hospitality of the people of #HBoHR! what would our great nation have become?

WJVA radio; #HBoHR! is the opportunity for us all to join together with the smoove power of communication and WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton roads! and pump through the 757 on the NEW106.5 WJVA.

We are WJVA and we invite you to be a part of something that is made with you, for you!                      

757 24/7.