Get Down With Us!

“Cool Fire”

the 757 promo song will most definitely start local & go

national! WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads!

will have live concerts and video shoots, nationwide &

international releases, celebrations & performances all over the

757! —— If you are a local MC with absolutely NO contractual

obligations in anyway with any companies or independent entities,

Email us for a chance to add your gift to (Cool Fire) or call us @ 470.344.WJVA(9582)

But only if you’re ready!

WJVA Radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads! We’ll be your

music, your topics, your voice, created with your Heart Beat live on

106.5 for 757 24/7.  All 757 citizens with an active or dormant

podcast, if you would like to have a chance to be a part of an FM

radio broadcast about Hampton Roads for Hampton Roads using

your very own HeartBeat and Smoove Power communications or for

sponsorships and partnership opportunities with the new 106.5

WJVA Radio: #HBoHR! please reachout to us at