WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads

Hello & thank you, we are

WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads!

We may be new to you but you are not new to us.  You are the Heart beat of Hampton roads and we love you! So Tidewater, Hampton Roads, Southeast VA, Coastal VA and world wide!  It’s time we stake claim to the importance and creation of these United States of America!  It is the WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads! mission to exhault the 757 to its rightful place in history, culture, national defense, education & the cool fire that we are known for world wide & beyond! Tho there is one thing that we could be better with, UNITY among the 757 cities, we would instantly be a national force to be mentioned in every conversation!  It’s time we exclaim, that without the history of the first colony of these United States, the underground waterways of Tidewater and the richness and hospitality of the people of Hampton Roads, what would our great nation have become?
It’s time for us all to come together & join the “smooth power communication” of WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton roads! as we pumps thru the 757, the nation, the world wide, & beyond!
Welcome to WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton roads!

8 thoughts on “WJVA radio: the Heart Beat of Hampton Roads”

  1. I’m a local business owner, and I think what you’re doing for the community is great! Keep up the good work.

  2. Good site you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I honestly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

    1. Thank you. Stay tuned, things should start to pick up from this point forward. Support from folks like you help a lot.

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